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Study: The Austrian gambling monopoly is not economically justifiable

A study done by economist Prof. DDr. Friedrich Schneider concludes that the gambling monopoly in Austria is neither in line with the market nor proportionate, as it cannot be justified either on the basis of market failure or player protection.

May 25th, 2022|Event, Glücksspiel, Legal|

OVWG submits complaint to EU Commission

The members of the OVWG are denied legal protection in Austria due to the ongoing violation of the freedom to provide services and the right to a fair trial by the Republic of Austria. The OVWG therefore lodged a complaint with the European Commission on 10.1.2022 with the aim of initiating infringement proceedings against the Republic.

January 27th, 2022|Digitalisation, Event, Glücksspiel, Legal, Player Protection|

5th OVWG expert panel discussion: Player Protection in Practice

Modern player protection software is capable of detecting potentially addictive behavior in online gambling and initiating measures if necessary. This ensures personal and individual protection for those affected. At an event organized by the Austrian Betting and Gambling Association (OVWG), international experts from science and industry discussed the topic of player protection and gambling addiction from psychological, medical and technical perspectives....

September 15th, 2021|Digitalisation, Event, Glücksspiel, Legal, Player Protection|

Legal Opinion: Overall assessment of the circumstances by the Austrian courts incorrect!

The consistency checks of the Austrian supreme courts fail to meet the requirements of Union law: In the overall assessments of the circumstances, actual circumstances, namely the practical application of gambling regulations, play too little of a prominent role; moreover, the assumptions underlying the objectives of gambling regulation are only insufficiently scrutinized. The coherence checks, which are to be carried out again and again in any case, thus fail to meet the requirements of EU law in terms of the level of control to be applied by the national courts. This is particularly evident in the area of advertising....

September 1st, 2021|Digitalisation, Gambling, Legal, Player Protection, Sports betting|

Sport&Marke: Panel discussion on “Sports sponsorship of the gambling & betting industry”

In Austria, online gambling and betting providers licensed in EU member states invest around EUR 100 million annually in the Austrian sports and media landscape. The announced gambling reform jeopardizes these amounts....

Sport&Marke: Interview with Dr. Raffaela Zillner

Austrian sports and the online gambling and betting industry have always been important economic partners. Every year, 100 million euros are invested in sponsorship and marketing in the Austrian sports and media landscape. These investments could be increased even further: Last year, we made a proposal for the introduction of a contemporary online gambling licensing system, in which additional revenues, such as any license fees, would be earmarked for grassroots and professional sports...

Austria’s Online Gambling Regulation Needs The Right Instruments

Monopolies have often been justified under the belief that the state is better placed to protect its gamblers. But that’s why countries should have stringent consumer protection rules: it’s the rules that protect the consumer, not whether there is a monopoly or not....

New studies: Effect of gambling advertising of the Austrian monopolists on consumers!

In the study, the University of Vienna comes to the conclusion that the current advertising activities of the Austrian gambling monopolists create a strong incentive to gamble via various strategies. Furthermore, the experts from the University of Munich concluded that all of the monopolists' advertising strategies examined by the University of Vienna are highly problematic with regard to ECJ requirements and that the "gambling makes you rich" advertising strategy in particular is blatantly contrary to EU law....

February 11th, 2021|Glücksspiel, Legal, Player Protection, Sportwetten|

New article on the topic of “Incoherence of Austrian Gambling and Betting Regulation”

According to the authors, the structure of the Austrian gambling and betting regulation largely contradicts the coherence requirement under EU law. In this respect, it is contrary to EU law and inapplicable....

January 13th, 2021|Gambling, Glücksspiel, Legal, Player Protection, Sports betting, Sportwetten|

Hot off the press: OVWG Annual Report 2020

When we subtitled the 2019 activity report "An exciting year in Austria", nobody expected that 2020 would bring a new dimension of excitement. Only three months later after we had published our last annual report, Austria was in lockdown...

4th OVWG expert panel on the incoherence of gambling regulation

In our next expert panel on 23 November 2020, the authors of the expert opinion, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernd Hartmann, LL.M. (University of Osnabrück) and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tristan Barczak, LL.M. (University of Passau) will present the main findings of their expertise....

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