The Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling (OVWG) represents the domestic interests of online gambling and betting providers licensed in the EU. As an industry representative, it advocates the modern and sustainable regulation of the online sector in Austria.

Play Fair Code Member

The OVWG is a member of the Play Fair Code and thus a strong partner and expert in the fight against match fixing and for the promotion of integrity in sport.

The Play Fair Code (association for maintaining integrity in sport) is an initiative of the Ministry of Sport (BMOEDS), the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and the Austrian Football League (ÖFBL).


The OVWG is working to improve the legal framework for online gambling and online sports betting. In addition to regulatory considerations, the issue of player protection is of utmost importance to us.

Goals & Strategy

The OVWG pursues the goal of achieving legal certainty and fairness for all providers on the Austrian online gaming and betting market. In doing so, it aims to achieve uniform, market-compliant regulation throughout Austria, which is in line with the requirements of Union law – both in regulatory and tax terms. It is convinced that an open licensing system, in which licensing is linked to high standards of player protection, and fair taxation of providers, can achieve an advantageous system for all: Guaranteed tax revenues and complete supervision for the state, high player protection standards for customers and legal certainty for responsible providers.

This system also means that players in Austria will in future be able to choose from a wide range of legal, secure gaming and betting services and will therefore be less tempted to switch to unlicensed providers. This channeling effect results in all players playing in a regulated system with clear protection and control mechanisms. Only a corresponding range of regulated sports betting and gambling can meet the objectives of the legislator, in particular with regard to player protection.


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