The members of the OVWG operate in a market characterised by intense competition and state-of-the-art technologies. In order to be able to offer entertainment at the highest level, the operators use the latest and best online and security technologies and are constantly striving to further develop their existing systems. Many of these companies, some of which were even founded in Austria (such as, Interwetten), are now at the forefront of European technology, security and innovation. The reliable operation of the platforms used requires highly trained IT specialists and comprehensively trained employees.

Cyber security

The members of the OVWG consider the technical security of their online platforms to be a top priority. Only safe and reliable online betting and gambling games will survive on the (Austrian) market. OVWG members invest in new technologies, research and development, and ongoing employee training to provide players with secure and attractive platforms.

Technical aspects of player protection

Efficient player protection is achieved by trained personnel and intelligent software including a database. Technologies and people with their feeling for other people are closely related here. Nevertheless, it can be stated that the technological shares are becoming increasingly important, since, for example, self-regulation by players on the Internet is becoming more and more widely accepted and used. The better the platforms are programmed, the higher is the acceptance of the players of innovative protection mechanisms.

Other Values