Protection and safety of players

Gambling means responsibility; we are aware of this responsibility. The OVWG requires that its members adhere to the highest standards of player protection. The online sector in particular offers a wide range of technical solutions to make the game safe and controlled. In addition, there are numerous new ways for the state to ensure and control player protection, for example by implementing a safe server system. The establishment of a nationwide, cross-provider and cross-game blocking database rounds off the system and ensures that blocked players do not simply continue playing at the next provider.

Licensing in an EU member state

The prerequisite for membership in the OVWG is that the provider is licensed in at least one member state of the EU. As serious and responsible companies, the members of OVWG strictly reject those suppliers who are not licensed by the respective local authorities in an EU member state. In the case of unlicensed companies, it must be assumed that adequate player protection is not ensured.


The betting and gambling industry is an important economic factor in Austria. The members of the association see themselves as “good citizens” who, although no national licences are currently issued, pay taxes and duties. Every year, these companies improve the state coffers with a triple-digit million sum through the gambling tax and the sports betting fee.

Responsibility towards employees

The members of the OVWG employ hundreds of employees, including many highly qualified technicians from the IT sector. In this context, being responsible means being there for employees and their families. All OVWG members offer their employees good working conditions and an attractive working environment.

Other Values