Transparent behaviour in accordance with the law is both self-evident and important for OVWG as a special interest group. Therefore, the board, the Secretary General and all members act transparently and communicate the objectives of the association clearly. The OVWG and its members are happy to provide interested business partners, authorities, politicians and media representatives information on the industries represented in the association.

Combating money laundering

The members of the OVWG commit themselves to transparency in order to prevent illegal money flows in connection with betting and gambling in the best possible way. Reporting obligations will of course be met. The members hold internal training courses in order to raise awareness among employees and are in contact with financial institutions in order to act in compliance with the law.

List of OVWG criteria for new and existing members

The criteria listed below are not just formality, they reflect the basic attitude of the association and its members. They represent the conviction that only reputable and licensed providers have a place in this association. That is why the OVWG only welcomes legitimate betting and gambling providers as members.

All OVWG members must meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed within the EU
  • Implement active and systematic player protection
  • Actively and systematically prevent money laundering
  • Audited by a state-certified auditor
  • Compliant with tax obligations in Austria
  • Actively support the objectives of the OVWG
  • Committed to an open and regulated betting and gambling market
  • Committed to safe platforms and shops
  • Committed to providing fair working conditions
  • Committed to Austria as a business location

Other Values