In a recent study, the University of Lucerne shows that online gambling is not associated with more (addictive) risks than stationary gambling and that these risks can be significantly reduced in a regulated market with targeted player protection measures. The meta-study deals with prejudices about online gambling and considers all English and German literature published on this subject between 1995 and 2018. It shows that gambling on the Internet offers far-reaching possibilities for identity verification. New technical systems – such as a safe server system – enable the supervisory authority to carry out audit-proof and complete checks. Registration via a player accounts on the website also promotes the early detection of gambling addiction, because all information about customers’ gambling, payment and communication behaviour is centrally available. This enables conspicuous gaming behaviour to be detected in real time and targeted player protection measures and game restrictions to be implemented quickly.

The results of this study are in line with the requirements of OVWG, which was founded in 2016 to advocate a sustainable new regulation of the online sector in Austria. What is needed is a transparent licensing system in which companies are licensed that offer responsible gambling with high player protection standards. This is the only way to further strengthen Austria as a business and innovation location and at the same time guarantee player protection.


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