“It is very gratifying that the Play Fair Code will be completed with the accession of the OVWG. With the BMKÖS, the sports associations and the betting operators, we now have the second decisive and important representation of interests on board as a logical partner in addition to the Austrian Sports Betting Association (OSWV)”.

Günter Kaltenbrunner, Play Fair Code President

OVWG strengthens own portfolio in the area of sporting integrity!

If sporting events are manipulated and confidence in sport is thus abused, everyone loses: the sports associations, the athletes concerned and the betting operators. Therefore, betting fraud and game manipulation must be fought consistently and relentlessly – all members of the OVWG agree on this. By joining the Play Fair Code, the OVWG expresses the international practice of its members to take an unconditional stand against betting fraud and game manipulation and to support the authorities in investigating such incidents, also in Austria. “As a member of the Play Fair Code, we will fight for manipulation-free competitions even more consistently and sustainably in the future”, affirms Claus Retschitzegger, President of the OVWG.

About the Play Fair Code: The Play Fair Code is an initiative of the Ministry of Sports, the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and the Austrian Football League. The objective of the Play Fair Code is to guarantee clean and manipulation-free competitions together with the Austrian sports associations, athletes, coaches and club managers. The Play Fair Code platform covers the three main pillars of prevention (training, education and awareness-raising), monitoring and the central ombudsman service for those affected.

Would you like to learn more about the work of the OVWG and the Play Fair Code? Contact us or take a look at the Play Fair Code website!

OVWG stärkt eigenes Portfolio im Bereich sportliche Integrität